People Are Great – Loads Of Games 100% Off On

I want to break form and point out some amazing things that are happening on right now.

A whole bunch of indie developers have set their games to 100% off, to help out people stuck inside during cough-o-geddon. Which is amazing! I thought it might be helpful to highlight some of the stuff out there.

Also, don’t forget that the magic of Itch is you can always change the price if you want to. You can thank developers for their act of kindness with your own. A thing I sometimes do is get games for free from Itch, then go back and pay the developer after because of how much enjoyment I’ve received.

Quiet As A Stone

This is a game about decorating a floating island, interacting with its flora, placing rocks, and enjoying the moment. It’s usually £7, so this is quite the grab. Alice O at RPS explains why she likes it so much.


becalm is simply about floating on a boat. There’s no requirement on you other than to just watch the passing environments, abstract and colourful, as calming music plays. Which might be exactly what you need just now.

Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia

I’d not seen Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia before today. I’m so glad I have. With the constant threat that schools could close at any point here in the UK, we’re stockpiling entertainment like a Brexit voter in the toilet paper aisle. This looks so utterly beautiful and perfect for my nature-obsessed son. And it’s free on Android too!

Fidel Dungeon Rescue

I haven’t played this yet, because I’m a fool, but it looks marvellous. A roguelite puzzle game, in which you can rewind time to find the ideal path through a level. Like others, this is usually a $10 game, so making this free is enormously generous.

There are loads more games discounted in Itch’s sale, a good number of them to zero. What better time to get hold of some of the more peculiar-looking titles you’re intrigued by, to see if there’s treasure within. If so, for goodness sakes email me to let me know!


  1. So generous of developers to do this. I feel it’s worth actually paying donations to the devs just for the sake of their kindness. And we all need to be kind to one another at this time.

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