36 Apples


36 Apples is a game about – wait for it – collecting 36 apples. I mean, it really is. It’s also serene, intriguing, and very, very strange.

Equipped with a truck and three apple crates, you are tasked with driving between (clicking on the truck to change locations, really) three different trees, and gathering all the apples you can from each. As you travel between them, times change, events occur, eggs are needlessly smashed, and crucial secret golden apples are discovered.

This is all because, as you’ll likely expect, you need to load the filled apple crates onto the scale at the base of another tree in order to grow steps such that you can reach a tree house. Once there, with all seven golden apples also discovered (the truck’s wheel – you need to know about the truck’s wheel), you can enter the game’s surreal finale.

It’s all very pretty with it. Reminiscent of Vector Park’s art style, these simple blocks of colour create lovely little explorable scenes, complete with their secrets and bonus silliness. And while the premise is clearly very simple, it packs an awful lot of new ideas into its half-hour-ish time.

Good music, and excellent sound effects, finish the deal. And this becomes yet another fascinating little toy that really shouldn’t be free! So get it from Itch and pay what you like, or pick it up for free from Steam if you haven’t cash to spare.

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