Frog’s Adventure

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You could, perhaps, argue that there are already rather a lot of cute games about frogs, with comic fonts and non-sequitur-delivering wildlife. I would too, but only in the context of what a good thing this is. So welcome Frog’s Adventure, a delightful and daft little adventure game from the Sokpop Collective.

A bad fairy has cast a spell on a little frog to cause him to become self-aware! And, it seems, forget how to both hop and swim. In an effort to return to his previous froggy bliss, you must chase down this naughty fae, and in the process help out many other animals who have also found themselves on the wrong end of an errant wand.

Created as a sort of “entry-level” game, Frog’s Adventure is a super-simplified point-and-click, where you gather inventory items, and use them to solve quests, in turn to gather more items, for more quests. The duck wants its egg, but to get that you need to fix the ladder, but to get the bear to fix the ladder you need to fix the bridge, but the plank is in the shop and costs two coins and you’ve only got one… That sort of thing.

It’s all utterly charming, in that familiar Sokpop way, except this time the game is entirely hand-drawn, with the sketches scanned in and then wobbly animated. The result is really sweet, boosted by that… I don’t know the word for it. That sort of childishly positive speak that makes games like Frog Detective so adorable. It’s that.

I can’t really say any more than this. It’s lovely, it’s cheap, and it’s longer than you might expect. It’s definitely one worth playing with a kid or two shouting suggestions of what to try. Just remember to check all the long grass for lily seeds, and not to miss lily pads you can jump onto above and below, as well as to the left or right. Oh, but wait, that’s not how sites do tips! There’s no traffic in just saying them! Ahem, let’s try that again…

Frog’s Adventure Tips (Guide/Walkthrough)

Welcome to Buried Treasure‘s tips for Frog’s Adventure, the new game from Sokpop. Here you’ll find all the information you’ll need for solving the many quests and challenges in Sokpop‘s Frog’s Adventure, available now from Steam. If there are quests you’re stuck on, or challenges you’re unable to solve, this guide will provide all the tips you need, in order to best solve and complete all the quests and challenges. With these tips.

Stuck On Frog’s Adventure?

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So if you’re stuck in Frog’s Adventure, make sure to check the long grass for lily seeds, and don’t forget that sometimes lily pads are above the platforms and you can jump onto these too.

Sorry to Sokpop for this rubbish. Oh, and get it on Itch, not Steam.

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  1. Thanks for the good laughs! GTA VI release date – finally some credible and thoroughly researched update on this!

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